Friday, October 18, 2013

Grandfather and Grandson-a very special relationship.

Back in the summer CTMH had a special offer for a wall canvas WOTG.  I decided to try it and used pictures of my son and my father from many years ago.  My father and my son had a very special connection and unfortunately my dad passed away in February 2002 when my son was 7 1/2.  The larger picture is the last picture we have of dad taken at his 75th birthday celebration in November 2001.  My son has Asperger's and even though he had some issues my father never saw anything but his beloved only grandson.  He truly looked at the positive which always made me happy.  My father was one of the kindest men I have ever known.  He was a caretaker and took care of whoever in the family needed it.  My son Jordan really likes this wall hanging and said "I wish I had more time with him." The last time we saw dad smile was when he was in ICU on a respirator shortly before he passed, and we said "Dad Jordan is here, give him a smile" and he did. When my father passed away and I came home after just finding out (It was expected at that time) my "special-needs" son said to me "Mom if you miss grandpa just look at me because I look like him and he still lives right here in me" and he points to his heart.  I get teary to this day thinking about that moment.

The smaller picture was taken was Jordan was around 3.  We are so fortunate that my parents loved to spend time with my children and were always willing to babysit when I needed them.  They liked to do things with them and on this day my parents took him to see and ride a train, I think in Flemington, NJ.  

The kit came with the chipboard and a stamp set as well as the canvas and bling.  I stamped the letters and sentiments on the chipboard that it came with.  Unfortunately this kit is no longer available although if you really want one email me and I might be able to find one for you.

I really love this and have it hanging in my craft area.  Dad was also a painter so I am hoping to get some inspiration from him.  His birthday is coming up.  He would be turning 87 on November 1.  Love and miss you Dad


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Special Needs mini-album

Ok will it has been forever since I posted, but I have finally finished grad school, got my MSN and added the initials PMHCNS-BC to my signature.  I hope I will have more time now to craft. I am working at a special needs camp for Autistic youth this summer (my 5th year).  I love these kids and can relate to the parents.  I thought it would be nice for the parents to have a little mini scrapbook with some camp pictures of their kids.  The new CTMH Artbooking Cricut cartridge arrived just in time.  I made 19 of them.  The counselors are amazing with these kids and they have done a fabulous job putting them together. 
I can't show the insides since they have pictures in them. I used retired paper packs as I donated all the materials.  As I look through these books, tears come to my eyes at the beautiful pictures and stories that are there.  For the parents receiving them I believe it is a priceless gift.

As the parent of a special needs child as well as a typical child their are many things we miss and many milestones that pass our children by.  To see the good times, smiles and activities that the kids were involved in is a special joy that we don't always experience.  Many of these children are not able to express to their parents what they do all day and we wonder about it.

The many hours that I spent cutting these out was worth it to me and I am sure that it will be a super special treat for these parents.  I know that I would have loved something like this made by someone that works with my son.

Til next time,